The Magic Door pivots on neodymium magnets and can be opened in any directions.


The main advantages of the door are :


1)Ergonomic/practical : thanks to an ingenious system of pivoting magnets, it is possible to open the door in any direction; it is also possible to simply remove a door and attach it magnetically on top of another door, thus giving immediate and full access to the box for easy cleaning.


2)Mounting/dismounting : compared to a regular door with standard hinges which may need up to 10 minutes to assemble and install, Magic Door can be installed within seconds. On systems with multiple doors, hours of time can be saved.


3)Design: the reversibility of the double-sided door gives 2 possible colour and/or pattern finishes on each door. Depending on the pattern chosen, each door can provide 4 design possibilities, given that the door can be mounted upside down (6-9). For a 16 doors configuration, with simple dual colour doors (white on front, red on the reverse), there are a remarkable 65,536 different door placement combinations possible (see video 4).

It is even possible to use the multiple door placement to create a giant puzzle, 2 puzzles (given the reversibility of the doors), or even a memory game.


4)Environmentally friendly/economical: necessarely the door is very light. Its construction requires very little material, both for the door and its magnetic hinges, thus making the door extremely economical to manufacture, as well as to buy.


5)Fashionable/On Trend : points 2, 3 and 4 demonstrate a new product which taps into the developing design trend for customisation/personalisation. The doors can be changed as easily as a smartphone cover. With the limited volume and weight of the product allowing for low transport costs, the possibility of developing a new online worldwide market becomes a reality.


6)Multifunctional/modular : as the door can be removed, it can be used for an entirely different purpose, for example, as a small table.


7)Durability : the lightness of the door, combined with its magnetic hinge system, eliminates virtually all friction. The hinge is almost indestructible - Neodymium magnets, also knows as rare earth magnets, are the strongest type of permanent magnets made, produce significantly stronger magnetic fields than other type of magnets, and are estimated to last up to 300 years.



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